Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Did you ever try to use logic to convince a dog that the bone he was chewing on had no more nutritional value? If you could hear the dog’s side of the discussion, it would probably go something like this, "It’s mine, it’s mine". That is the end of the discussion.

Did you ever ask a proponent of Affirmative Action if it isn’t about time to phase it out? You will likely get a similar response. "It’s mine, you can’t take it away." A tricky question that may actually inspire some thought is, "Do you think that we should EVER end AA?" Proponents will be reluctant to say that it should continue forever as this would infer that negros are genetically inferior and could never compete with whites on a level field. We know that this is not true, having viewed their success in recent years. O.K. If we are not going to keep it forever, when do we stop it or phase it out? I have not heard an answer to this. No one dares talk about phasing it out under any circumstances. Now, this is just intellectual cowardice.

We know that AA was intended to compensate for past discrimination. Negroes were injured by school segregation. This ended over 50 years ago. True, it was phased out gradually, but it is over. The young people benefitting from AA are the grand-children and great-grand-children of prople who attended the second class segregated school

When are we going to acknowledge this? The fact that some negro children do not do well in school can no longer be blamed on prior segregation. The educational shortfall that we see now is entirely the fault of the student’s family. 70% of negro children born in this country are born into a one parent household. This is a formula for disaster and lack of education is a large part of the formula. In fact, a 70% illegitimacy rate is a disgrace and will result in negros being a permanent underclass. You know it and I know it. But, SHH! Don't tell anyone.

Affirmative Action will NEVER take the place of a father in the household. The penis-envy crowd doesn't like to hear this, but it is true.

If AA was ever intended to help raise the educational level of negroes to a point where it is comparable to other groups, it is being administered in such a way that it is bound to fail. Consider this. I had the good fortune to attend grade school, high school, junior college, college and professional school and all of them were integrated. Having attended class with whites and negroes, I know that some whites are smart enough to benefit from college and some are not. Likewise, some negros are smart enough to benefit from college and some are not. We all know or suspect that this is true, but you cannot say it for fear of being called a racist. This is paternalism. You feel good about yourself if you say that we are all equal, but you know it is not true. Does anyone really believe that we benefit any young person, white or negro, when we refuse to be honest with them?

Recently, there was a well-reported law suit regarding the AA program of a highly regarded university. We found how they handled AA. The application for admissions was graded on a point system that rewarded the various attributes that we would expect a university to look for (academic performance, test scores, activities, community involvement, writing ability, etc.). There were a possible 150 points available. The persons assigning the score would follow the formula and when the applicant was a negro, they would simply add 20 points.

Of course, this would result in numerous minority applicants being accepted over more or better qualified whites. The whites would cry reverse discrimination, etc. but I have no sympathy for them. This is a very important lesson. Life is not fair. Learn to live with it. Negros have lived with it for over two hundred years. Now it’s your turn.

No, the person to pity I this situation is the negro student who could have been accepted in a school for which he was actually qualified. Now he is in a position where he is the least smart kid in the class and everybody knows it. But have no fear. School administrators are the world’s best panderers. They will simply change the rules. DePaul University, for example, went to a ‘no fail’ system. (I took full advantage of this in my final year. I found some fun things to do when I shoud have been in class. )
Others took different approaches. The worst approach was and is the creation of a new curriculum. Black studies, gender studies, etc. have become popular. Let’s teach the blacks about being black. The charlatans came running and the pandering proceeded apace. One example from our local university: A Black Studies art class invited an "artist" to show his work (For a 5 figure fee, of course.). Attendance for certain classes was mandatory. The artist turned out to be a photographer and his specialty was taking pictures of various people having some form of sex. The highlight of his show was the picture of a black man having intercourse with a white woman. He titled it, "Nigger Lover". Clever? Art? Your tax dollars at work. Oh, by the way, we can't say nigger.

So we have prostituted the curriculum and the grading system to avoid embarrassing unqualified students. At least we are integrating, right? Let’s talk about integration for a minute.
In order to make negro students comfortable, many colleges have established ‘black dorms’, allowed black-only fraternities (not white-only fraternities, of course. That would be racism.), and clubs, and explicitly stated that certain courses are not open to white students. So much for integration.

As an undergraduate history major, I was introduced to the writings of a very bright Englishman, Sir Arnold Toynbee. Sir Arnold studied civilizations for the purpose of determining why they appeared, grew, thrived and eventually fell into decline. His conclusion was a marvel of simplicity: Civilizations survived and prospered as long as they responded to the challenges that confronted them. The tougher the challenge. the better the reward for successful response. A perfect example of this is the U.S. in the middle of the last century. Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation grew up in the Great Depression and then fought World War II. Ten million men and women accepted that challenge and responded by creating a society that was and is the envy of the world.

That seems too simple, doesn’t it? Let’s look at sports as a example. We all know that we do better if we train hard. Some of our best coaches were tough and demanding (Vince Lombardi, George Halas, and many others). This has worked in many aspects of our lives: military, job, school. Those who demanded that we give our best inspired us to do better than we thought possible.

Affirmative Action is precisely the opposite. Stated very simply, AA tells you that you are entitled. We will do what you want to do and we will do it at your pace. If you do not do well, we will hire different teachers. And some negros think that we are doing them a favor. Pandering is no favor. It is simply cowardice.

Think about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have never been prejudiced in my life. I was NOT raised that way. But the endless pandering to anything non-white has left me with quite a bitter taste in my mouth. Do you think that the Civil Rights activists are doing this just so that they can irritate us and then cry racism to further their cause?

6:12 AM  
Blogger Pardonus said...

To Anonymous,

You are quite right. Many activists do outrageous or provocative things just to get a response that they can label hate. I refer to these people as willful twits. see later postings

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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