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Many people, including our own President Bush, try to convince us that Islam is a beautiful religion. Not so. Issue a fatwa if you must, but first I am going to tell you why I believe as I do.

The basic analysis of religion is so obvious that I am sure this notion has been published before. I just have not seen it, so pardon me if I act as though I have discovered something new.

Virtually all of the religions with which we are familiar have a yin and a yang. The yin, or feminine side, if you will, is the basic philosophy of the religion. The yin is opposed by the yang which we recognize as the administrative arm. Throughout history virtually every religion has started as the musings or writings of a great thinker who believes his or her thoughts will help mankind if only he or she can get a lot of people to listen. The result is a bible, Koran, Talmud, Bhagavad Gita et al. This would be a wonderful place if we could stop there. Unfortunately, we never do.

If and when a given religion achieves a following, someone will step forward and establish an administrative side or yang. (Somebody has to take care of the collection.) The administrative side usually appears as a bureaucracy complete with titles, funny uniforms and palaces. Once these perks become established, the administrators learn that they must defend their turf. (Or, as Governor LePetomaine famously said, “Gentlemen, we’ve gotta protect our cockamamie jobs.”) You don’t do this by advising your flock to go across the street and listen to Reverend Sweetlips next Sunday. Your flock may never come back. Better if we tell them that the guy across the street is the devil and you will go to Hell if you ever listen to him.

In recent years, we have learned one thing for sure. The yang, or administrative side, never loses. It may develop schisms, but when it does, the yang only gets stronger. And is does this, not by following the original writing, but rather by claiming to protect that writing. The basic technique here is to create a straw man and blame him for all your troubles. We could discuss how the various Christian groups in Europe traded support for monopolies and agreed to torment the Jews who had no monarch in their camp. Too obvious.

Back to our friends, the Moslems. It is fairly obvious that; where you have one religion, you will have a tyrannical government, where you have two religions you will have constant fighting and where you have multiple religions you will a peaceful democracy. (I wish the ACLU could understand this.) Islam began as a normal religion with the preachings of charismatic leader. When the leader died, yang took over and never looked back. The Islam bureaucracy divided into two camps, both claiming to be in charge. Soon we had two religions (Sunni and Shiite). Actually, this is one religion with two sets of administrators. They fight with other for no good reason. The Sunnis and the Shiites fought the Iran-Iraq war just for the hell of it. They have no monopoly here. The Catholics and Protestants did the same thing in Europe,

So, now we have two major groups of Moslems and numerous minor sects who recognize that the Sunnis and Shiites are all a--holes.
While I don’t claim to have all the answers today, I do believe that we will take a giant step in the right direction if we recognize that, while there once was a beautiful religion known as Islam, today we have to deal with several groups of bureaucrats who claim to represent that religion. As long as Moslems living in the civilized world continue to act as if they are living in the Middle Ages and are protecting their homes from Crusaders, we will need to treat them all as real or potential terrorists.

Is there a solution? To be continued.


Blogger GreenAsEver said...

If you are referring to the traditional word-of-the-law vs. spirit-of-the-law, that usually applies to nations, not RELIGIONS. And what you fail to realize is that the lack or a "yang" as you put it, makes it appear as if you have no religion at all. It is the yang that keeps people in check, if you will. All Christians need to do is tell a mediator between them and God that they sinned, and then they get to start over every week or so. Oh, and they'll also need to say a few hail Mary's.

And Jews own pretty much everything in America, so they will get off somehow or another. Really what they should do (the Jews- since they're the real ones in control) is rename America "Israel" and then that should solve most of the world's problems right now. Jews are the ventriloquists and Bush (and others) are the dummies. They might as well step down, disregard the Constitution, and follow the agenda (usually economic) of the Jews. I mean, it's what we already do anyway, but we should all just admit it. That way, the Jews can get the hell out of the Palestinians' homes, and then the Palestinians wouldn't need to be called "terrorists" for protecting themselves against INVADERS, and other Muslim countries wouldn't need to defend helpless little Palestine and so simultaneously offend most western countries.

What I hate to do though, is insult other people's religions, as it is, or should be rather, a sacred and personal issue. But people cannot be trusted, as has been proven in the past, to follow their spiritual "yin." They just don't possess that much self-control.

I'd also like to note that I think it's ludicrous that you stated this piece of b.s :

"I do believe that we will take a giant step in the right direction if we recognize that, while there once was a beautiful religion known as Islam, today we have to deal with several groups of bureaucrats who claim to represent that religion. As long as Moslems living in the civilized world continue to act as if they are living in the Middle Ages and are protecting their homes from Crusaders, we will need to treat them all as real or potential terrorists."
It is ironic that you say thIS because Islam is the only religion that stayed true and untainted, as compared to its original form. How can that be a flaw? If other religions were so perfect, why the need to undergo so many extreme make-overs? And how about the fact that thhere are only two main groups, not a huge number like in Christianity, from Envangelical to Lutheran to Protestant to God know how many other versions. Yeah, maybe these Christian groups don't argue over which version is more correct, but that's probably just their way of admitting that none of them are even close, so why bother?

90% of Muslims are Sunnis who believe strongly in their faith, and, accordingly, get offended when their fellow Muslims are just a little off (the Shiites). And they find it offensive because there should only be one version of Islam, in its orginal form. That's what sets Islam apart form the other major religions. You look at it like a flaw, we view it as one of the best qualities of our religion.

You also consider it primitive to protect your home. Hmmmm.... so what you're saying is that you would gleefully allow invaders (or "Crusaders" as you put it) to enter your home, or implode it, whatever suits their current mood? Right? You would also give up your country without a fight, right? Just hand it over. Hand it all over.

And because those damned stubborn Palestinians defend their land and home, they are termed "terrorists." How do you even pretend that makes sense in your demented minds?? Whoever did start it though really should've patented it; they would have made gazillions by now.



10:52 PM  
Blogger That Weird Guy said...

Hey Pardonus,

I was just checking out your blog for the first time and thought that this entry was an interesting, if simplistic, view of the current state of the Muslim religion.

What makes it even stronger is the post from Greenasever which basically reinforces your original entry.

Greenasever, what the rest of the religions of the world have learned is that killing each other over religious differences is stupid at best.

Most people in the civilized world have figured out that if they truly believe that their religion is "the one" then their God/Gods will sort out the riff-raff at the end of the day and they don't have to do it themselves.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Pardonus said...

Re. greenasever
You make my point when you say that "It is the yang that keeps people in check". It should be their faith. When you need murderous thugs to keep people in check, maybe you should give some more thought to your message.

I am surprised when you say that you hate to do is insult other person's religions. You a real number on the Jews.
Thank you for recognizing that my idiosy is not my fault. Of course, at my age, the manifestations of that idiocy are my responsibility.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Pardonus said...

Hey weird guy.
Thank you for your comment. Especially reference to my simplicity. You may never know if that simplicity is the best I can do or an effort to meet my audience halfway.
Your closing comment, while it appears simplistic, is incredibly insightful. If this catches on, you may get credit for ending holy wars.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Khalilah said...

I think that what is necessary is to look at how much hate and disrespect is being used to refer to a group of people that you obviously have no clue about. But, it is the American way to package all people who are different into the same category and then make up some tales about them so that you and those like you can feel better about who you think you are. Terror and terrorist is the history of any people because anyone at any given moment and become so sick with hate as to terrorize another (it happens all the time right here in America and has been happening since other people invaded this land and decided that the natives were somehow not human enough and therefore not worthy to have respect, life and freedoms that they themselves wanted and your history). So, now this is a modern day terror society on a grander scale and everyone is running around yelling "the terrorist, the terrorist!" Question. How can you drop bombs on innocent people all over the globe, and say you are doing it to bring them democracy to them and they are dead from the bombs you dropped? Question. How can you send troops to look for a leader who has killed, robbed, destroyed lives, and taken the wealth of the country hostage when your own leader is doing the same and you won't remove him from the position of leadership? Question. How can you watch as men and women who are supposed to be soldiers and supporting DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM use their position on foriegn lands to promote their sexual perversions and make the irrational claim that they did it to gather intelligence information, (and the masses of ignorant people believe it!)
What the world need is love which is the absolute thing which conquers hate. As long as someone drops a bomb, expect a bomb to be dropped. To me that is common sense. Hate and wrath begets hate and wrath. It's a no brainer. Stop putting everything off on someone else as if this country and the people in it are innocent because your history bears witness against you. By the way, "If you sow the wind, you WILL reap the whirlwind". That is written in your it.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Pardonus said...

To Khalilah
To say that I have no clue about Moslems is absurd. Anyone and everyone in a leadership position in the Moslem world is either leading or supporting the worst form of terror the world has evr witnessed. I don't care how many times a day you pray if, at the end of the day, murder innocent people (the current victims in Iraq are innocent Moslem men, women and children).
I surely do not condone that actions of a few simple minded Americans, but you must have a very funny scale if you believe that prisoner abuse outweighs beheadings.

Until the Moslems stop looking for ridiculous excuses and make some effort to stop the lunatics so tht we can all exist in the civilized world, I believe that Moslems have forfeit their right to be treated as human beings.

10:46 AM  

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