Friday, June 03, 2005

President admits that he lied!

I would do it again!

We all remember the fuss, during the recent presidential campaign, involving British intelligence reports. Some people went so far as to say that the President lied. We may now have a definitive resolution.

In a document recently prepared for limited distribution, it was disclosed that certain high ranking officials in the U.S. State Department were, "troubled by British attempts to dupe their Washington allies." In an internal memorandum, a ranking State Department official warned that, "British agents were manufacturing documents." What most disturbed this official was that, "the British were seeking U.S. diplomatic cooperation to validate these forgeries." That State Department official warned the Executive branch to be, "on our guard against false scares."

History now shows that, "policy considerations made it unlikely that the President was going to question the authenticity of potentially useful information." In the memoirs of a former State Department official, discussing the question of the false document's relevance to the President's foreign policy, we are told it was the President's policy to wage war without declaring it and the documents in queston seemed to fit this new approach.

In one of the few publications of its type not written by Bob Woodward, we are informed that, "the President had come to believe, well before America went to war, that truth must often take second place to national security and political expediency."

In fact, the President is quoted as telling one of his close advisers, "I am perfectly willing to mislead and tell untruths, if it will help us win."

If anyone doubts the accuracy of any part of this post, you are invited to check my source;
The Wilson Quarterly, Vol IX, No. I, pages 167 thru 173.


Blogger Meg said...

Which President lied?


7:41 AM  
Blogger Anne Arky said...

Which one didn't?

10:16 AM  
Blogger Meg said...


You continually surprise me with you wit and your unexpected presence.

I love ya', girl!


11:36 PM  

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