Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Attempts by a group of Tampa homosexuals to proselytize among our children have been sidetracked (at least temporarily) by diligent parents and public officials.

As you may have read, the homosexuals arranged to place a "HOMOSEXUALS ARE GOOD" display at a local library. They refuse to explain why they chose a youth-oriented library (Westgate) in a suburban neighborhood rather than go to the much larger, adult oriented library (J. Germany) located in downtown.

At a time when the Tampa area is reeling from a series of murders of our children by sexual predators, one would expect that any self respecting homosexual would bend over backwards to avoid worrying parents. Not our GAY TWITS. They selected this time to get in the face of local parents and, when it was suggested that their actions were not welcome, they held a pep rally at which they warned that the parents have, "AWAKENED A SLEEPING GIANT". They have promised that a march and a law suit will follow.

One of the leading County Commissioners opposed to the current homosexual agenda is named Ronda. Many parents are now learning the words to the old song, Help me, Ronda! Help me indeed.

In stories that may or may not be related, the Tampa Tribune reports in today's edition that one sex offender was arrested for a form of parole violation and another was arrested for possession of child pornography. It is not clear whether or not they claimed to sleeping giants or just plain, garden variety perverts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it your contention that all homosexuals are sexual predators? Statistics show that the majority of sexual predators are adult males claiming to be straight. And in fact, most sexual predators are known to the families of the victims, often in trusted capacities, such as fathers, step-fathers, brothers, and uncles. Oh, and as to how I know, I was a sexually abused child, and have spent much of my adult life dealing with abuse survivors. Oh, and did I neglect to mention that I am a happily married bisexual woman, with a bisexually identified husband, who would rather die than see harm come to our daughter?

10:21 PM  

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