Friday, June 03, 2005

WOW!! 70% Illegitimate?

Occasionally I visit the library and thumb thru the Statistical Abstract just for laughs. I was taking notes the last time and now I am having difficulty reading my scribbling.

Let's see. I think it says that during the last year, 70% of the children born in Wisconsin were illegitimate and 1% of the children born in Indiana were illegitimate. That doesn't make sense. Let's try this reading. 70% of the children born in Italy were illegitimate and 1% of the children born in France were illegitimate. That doesn't make sense either. Oh. Now I see. It actually reads, 70% of the black children born in the U.S. were illegitimate while 1% of the oriental babies were born to unwed parents.

Does that make sense? If that were true, any socialist or child psychologist would tell you that the child raised in a one-parent family is far more likely to grow up in poverty. He or she is also more likely to become involved in substance abuse, wind up on some form of welfare and become a parent without benefit of a spouse. Experts would also tell us that one-family homes produce more criminals than scholars. Therefore, if the numbers in the statistical abstract were accurate, we would wake up some day and find that there are more black men in prison than in college.
That could never happen. Surely the civil rights people, the Congressional Black Caucus and all of the liberals in this great land would do something.

Of course, the statistics could be giving single-parenthood a bad rap. If they were right, one would expect to find that the Oriental children, virtually all raised in two-parent homes, would do much better in school and would be far less likely to live in slums and wind up in prison. What are the chances of that being true.

Any ideas out there about these stupid statistics?


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